Registration for OnePlus 3T mobile at Re 1 on Amazon Flash sale


OnePlus 3T at Re 1Are you looking to buy a OnePlus 3T, then here is some good news for you. The new OnePlus 3T smart phone is available from dash flash sale from Amazon at just Rs.1. The dash flash sale deal will be available on every Friday starting from December 9 and will continue last Friday of December that is till the 30th of December.

Procedures for getting OnePlus 3T phone for just Re 1

Here are things to do for getting the oneplus 3T smart phone through dash flash sale.

  • To get this awesome deal, you have to first login to the website: OnePlus December Dash Flash Sale.
  • There is an entry challenge in the website. Complete the challenge and share the page with others.
  • For every person who comes finishes the entry challenge through your site and make the sign up, you get a point.
  • You can get a maximum of 330points. You need 330 points to claim one plus 3T 128 GB model and for claiming one plus 3T 64 GB model you need 300 points
  • After you make the claim, pay Rs.1 within three hours. If you have not made the payment within 3 hours once you claimed, then you are not eligible for the offer.

Points Needed for OnePlus 3T

 OnePlus 3T 128GB  330 Points
 OnePlus 3T 64GB  300 Points

You can also use the points to get other items from the oneplus store(items like oneplus travel messenger bag, t-shirts, screen protector cases etc). If you have enough points, you can claim any number of prize items available from the store.

Time Period to claim

The time period for the claim to be made is 12PM – 6PM on all Fridays from Dec 9 to Dec 30, 2107. There is also one standing instruction that. The price may change at any time.

List of Other Prizes You can claim and the points you need

 Items  Points Needed
 OnePlus Traveller Bag In Just Rs.1  30
 OnePlus Messenger Bag In Just Re.1  30
 OnePlus Dash Charge T-shirt In Just Re.1  9
 OnePlus Mobile Swap Covers In Just Re.1  15
 OnePlus SmartPhone Cases In Just Re.1  9-15
 OnePlus SmartPhone Screen Protectors Re.1  6


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