How to claim your two wheeler insurance and How ICICI 3-year lombard insurance is making it hassle free


Nobody thinks more about claiming the insurance while taking their insurance policy. They just take an insurance policy, sometimes by looking at the cost. Many never ask or look or compare the benefits

or harms of insurance schemes and insurance providers. Here are things that you should remember and do to properly claim your insurance in case of an unfortunate accident or breakdown of your two wheeler vehicle.


Normal procedures to follow for a claim in case of a breakdown or accident

Step 1: If there is another vehicle involved in the accident, note the registration number of that vehicle.
Step 2: If there are witnesses, note down their names and contact details too.
Step 3: If there is property damage or bodily injuries or theft, file an FIR at the nearest police station.
Step 4: File the claim to insurance service provider company.
Step 5: Get the vehicle to the garage and repair the vehicle.
Step 6: Pay for the repair and you will get a reimbursement from your insurance service provider later, for the expenses on repair .

Step 7: What happens next is that an officer from the insurance service provider company will contact you for details and verification. Provide him/her the needed details.

Step 8: After an assessment of the damages, the insurance company will approve the claim you deserve and pay your expenses.

How ICICI makes the process of insurance claiming hassle-free and much easy

Most insurance companies only provide reimbursement of the expenses involved in the accident/breakdown. But with the network garages ICICI have, you can avail cashless repair of your vehicle. That means you don’t have to spend cash in these garages for its repair after the accident.

You will get good assistance in your insurance claiming from ICICI. For that first Lodge a Motor claim online through ICICI website, immediately after the accident/ breakdown of your vehicle. Now call the 1800 2666 toll free number and get your claim number. The call centre representative will give you the location of nearest network garage and the information about details to be submitted for your claim processing.
Now as normally, file the FIR.

Note: You can also go for other garages, but like normal cases, you have to pay for the repair first and you will get reimbursement for that later.

The Customer Service manager of ICICI will contact you within 24-hrs of claim registration. Submit all the details to him for verification. The payment will be made by the company to the network garage upon completion of the repairs. If there is any extra amount to be paid by you as per policy terms and conditions, the customer Service Manager will inform you about that.

Here are the documents to be submitted to make your claim settlement process faster and simpler.

Documents Required for Accident Claims

Claim Form duly signed(For company registered vehicles, Stamps are required )
RC copy of the vehicle
Driving License copy
Policy copy (First two pages)
FIR on a case-to-case basis
Original Estimate
Original Repair Invoice and Payment Receipt (for cashless garage, only repair invoice)

Documents Required for Theft Claims

Claim Form duly signed (For company registered vehicles, Stamps are required )
RC copy of the vehicle with all original keys
Driving License copy
Policy copy
Original FIR copy
Original Estimate
RTO transfer papers duly signed along with Form 28, 29, 30 and Form 35 (if hypothecated). Form 28 is needed in triplicate, Form 29 and 30 are needed in duplicate.
Final report – A No Trace report from the police saying that the vehicle cannot be located

Documents Required for Third Party Claims

Claim Form duly signed(For company registered vehicles, Stamps are required )
Police FIR copy
Driving License copy
Policy copy (First two pages)
RC copy of the vehicle

Disclaimer: The details provided in the above article may be incomplete. Dont take it on facevalue. The article is made for general information purposes only. You may visit the company website for all details about conditions and terms.


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