How to get Jio Prime Membership for free


Reliance had announced recently that its free services will not be free after March 31. It also introduced a new type of membership called prime membership for its customers. The company informed that being a prime member, a user will get multiple benefits. The non-prime members will have lesser benefits compared to what a prime member can have.

The prime membership costs Rs.99 for one year. The prime membership should be taken before March 31. After March 31, you will have to pay more than Rs.99 for getting the prime membership

Here are the recharge tariffs plans for Reliance Jio and non-prime customers.

 Recharge Value  Validity  For Prime Users  For Non-Prime Users
 ₹19 1 day   Unlimited SMS+ 200 MB 4G data  Unlimited SMS+ 100 MB
 ₹49 3 days   Unlimited SMS+ 600 MB 4G data  Unlimited SMS+ 300 MB
 ₹96 7 days   Unlimited SMS+ 7 GB 4G data @ 1 GB per day FUP  Unlimited SMS+ 0.6 GB 4G data @ 0.6 GB FUP
 ₹149 28 days   100 SMS + 2 GB 4G data  100 SMS+ 1 GB 4G data
 ₹303 28 days  Unlimited SMS+ 28 GB 4G data @ 1 GB per day FUP  Unlimited SMS+ 2.5 GB
 ₹499 28 days  Unlimited SMS+ 56 GB 4G data @ 2 GB per day FUP  Unlimited SMS+ 5 GB
 ₹999 60 days  Unlimited SMS+ 60 GB 4G data (No limit per day)  Unlimited SMS+ 12.5 GB with 30 days validity
 ₹1999 90 days  Unlimited SMS+ 125 GB 4G data  Unlimited SMS+ 30 GB with 30-day validity
 ₹4999 180 days  Unlimited SMS+ 350 GB 4Gdata  Unlimited SMS+ 100 GB with 30-day validity
 ₹9999 360 days  Unlimited SMS+ 750 GB data  Unlimited SMS+ 200 GB with 30-day validity

How to make/get Prime membership worth Rs.0

Normally you have to pay Rs.99 for prime membership but you can get prime membership virtually free with this little workaround. Check out the steps below

1. Download the Jio Money Wallet App.
2. Register on the app.
3. Pay Rs.99 through the Money wallet app and become the prime member.
4. After being a prime member, recharge with Rs. 303 or higher.

How will you get your cash back

You will get a Rs.50 cash back through Money wallet app, when you recharge for Rs.99. Then you will get Rs.50 cash back for recharges of Rs.303 and higher. Thus you are getting a discount of Rs.100 totally on both recharges combined (Rs.99+ Rs.303). In effect, you are getting a discount to cover your Prime membership charge.

Note: It should also be noted that it may require two working days to get your refund.
About Rs.303 recharge plan
With Rs.303 recharge you will get a total of 28 GB 4G data for a period of 28 days with an FUP of 1 GB/day.


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