EERO – An Innovative Wifi Startup in demand


EERO is a new wifi system which could solve the choppy Wi-fi problem throughout your apartment.
The hardware with its setup could give you the full internet connection speed at each and every corner of your apartment.


It is actually a combination of a router, access point and a mesh network.

The system is a pack of three similar looking little white pods. The setup of these devices is super easy.

How it works?

All you have to do is

1. just plug one of the eeros to the modem
2. Install the setup app to your phone
3. Provide a network name and password for your network
3. Place the other eeros in any other parts of your house so that you can get a continuous wifi network without any low signal wifi areas.
Don’t worry app will help you to identify suitable positions to setup the other two eeros.


The three eeros are connected wirelessly
But if you need wired connections, they can be established too.
The app will automatically detect a wired connection and would send data through wires if wired connection is detected.

A set of three eeros can fully cover an average home i.e a home of about 2000-4000 square feet area. If you need to expand an area beyond that additional eeros can be established.
The additional eeros don’t need complex setting procedures, all it needs is a power plug to connect it and the app will do it all.

The setting app also allows us to configure advanced settings like DHCP, NAT, DNS, UPnP, Port Forwarding and flux capacitation.

If you need to share your wifi network with your friends, the smart eero app can also help you share. The sharing can be done either by inviting friends to join your wifi network or by setting up a separate guest network for them. All it needs to share is an eero app and some button pushs.


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