How to change SBI ATM Pin Number


In light of the security breach that occurred recently, SBI recalled about 6 lakhs of debit cards that the bank has provided. The bank blocked some of the cards issued to prevent its customers from the potential risk of financial fraud. The bank has asked officially all its customers to change their ATM pin number as an immediate precautionary measure.

The bank also advice to use only the SBI ATMs for transactions and not use other private bank ATMs as there are more chances of financial data breach. As per SBI, 7% customers only changed their ATM pins. Change the ATM PIN numbers immediately and avoid the risk of financial data breach and theft.

Here are the ways to change your SBI ATM pins.


Change SBI ATM PIN number online

So we provide you complete steps to change SBI ATM pin number online internet banking. Follow the steps carefully.

* First you need to activate SBI internet banking from your branch to do this.

* Open SBI online banking portal here.

* Enter your login details – username and password

* Click on e-Services from top menus

* Now select ATM Card Services from left side menus

* Select ATM Pin Generation option

* It will ask for Using One Time Password (OTP) or Using Profile Password – login with any of the two options.

* Click on Continue option

* Now just click on Submit button

* After that they will ask to enter: Enter First Two Digits of Your Desired PIN

* Now SBI will send you final two digits through SMS (Now you got 4 digits pin)

* Final step: Enter four digits of new pin: Here you need to enter first two digits created by you and two digits you got from SMS.

* That’s it. You generated your New Pin.

If you are having any doubts in this. Just contact us or shoot a message below this post. We will solve your problem.

Change SBI ATM PIN number through ATM machine

From my personal experience, This is the easiest method where you can change ATM pin number from your nearest ATM counter. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Enter your card in the ATM machine
Step 2: Select the ‘Banking’ option from ATM menu
Step 3: Select your preferred language
Step 4: enter your existing SBI PIN number
Step 5: As soon as you enter your PIN, a transaction menu page will appear on the screen of the machine. From that page, select the PIN change option.
Step 6: The machine asks to enter your new PIN number. Enter the new PIN number.
Step 7: After you once entered the PIN number, the machine will ask to enter your new PIN number once more as a part of verification. Enter your new SBI ATM PIN number once more.
Once you correctly entered your new PIN number, You will get a message screen saying ” Your PIN has been changed successfully”
You will also get a paper slip, through ATM machine if you asked for printed transaction sheet.


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