Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Details


The popular television show Bigg Boss Telugu hosted by Jr NTR is airing successfully on Star Maa Channel. The show has now completed various episodes and many contestants have already evicted from the house. Bigg Boss Telugu started broadcasting from 16th July 2017 and within a short period of time, the show has got huge number fans and good ratings.

In Bigg Boss Telugu 14 contestants were selected and they have to live in the house for 71 days. The viewers can vote for the participants by online voting and also through missed call numbers. Each contestant of the show has got a missed call number and audience can cast their votes by dialing these missed call numbers. The person with lesser votes will get evicted from the house. Check out the procedures for online voting and the missed call numbers of contestants below.

Bigg Boss Telugu Finalists

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting Procedure

Here are the steps to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Online

1. Enter Google and type Bigg Boss Telugu Vote or Bigg Boss Telugu Voting.
2. Now the contestants nominated for the eviction will be displayed.
3. Sign in with your Google account.
4. Select your favourite contestant from the list and vote.

Note: A maximum of 50 votes can cast per day.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Voting Numbers

Vote for Archana – Missed Call Number – 08433900160

Vote for Sameer – Missed Call Number – 08433900161

Vote for Mumaith – Missed Call Number – 08433900162

Vote for Prince – Missed Call Number – 08433900163

Vote for Madhu Priya – Missed Call Number – 08433900164

Vote for Sampoornesh Babu – Missed Call Number – 08433900165

Vote for Jyoti – Missed Call Number – 08433900166

Vote for Kalpana – Missed Call Number – 08433900167

Vote for Mahesh Kathi – Missed Call Number – 08433900168

Vote for Kathi Karthika – Missed Call Number – 08433900169

Vote for Shiva Balaji – Missed Call Number – 08433900170

Vote for Hari Teja – Missed Call Number – 08433900171

Vote for Adarsh – Missed Call Number – 08433900172

Vote for Dhanraj – Missed Call Number – 08433900173


  1. Why everyone in the house cornerised Archana Hari teja intentionally she nominate Archana she said the reason Mumbai Khan sent t shirt to Archana in the word of jealous Archana teared it yes it’s right but prince and Diksha did the same thing why don’t hariteja nominate Princy and Diksha even Adarsh also same is he playing proper game fighting with everyone except Karthika these people are really humiliating Archana she is not hurting anyone princy also he is really a fake person both friends are nominating same persons what princy is doing same Adarsh is following and navadeep if he needs to clarify for nominating the people without knowing anything he nominate the person based on majority before hariteja doesn’t like Karthika and Diksha now she is giving priority to them what is this are they really fit to this game

  2. Please big boss don’t tell house mates to nominate the persons they are playing safe game especially Adarsh and princy based on public voting please nominate four people for public opinion not to housemates

  3. Hello sir
    Siva Balaji is an angry men but he never pretended like others and never make arguments like all the people in the house. In the house Mumaith is not genuine at all the time even she did all the stupid things when she in the house. Now how can she suggest all others and make a point on others she is not correct for the job you gave. Even hariteja is manipulating the show these days clearly upto now she also acted like good person but now she started showing what she is. But who ever won the game no one is genuine like Balaji. he done all the work in the house. Stood to the team 100% in the tasks. You are trying for the person who is not acting in the house and wanted to search who will be as himself upto end with out change. Expect Balaji everyone will be discussing about others when they are not in the presence even Navdeep. Balaji is being what he is that’s it then why you are targeting balaji. Archana my god always acts as innocent in presence of every one and gaining sympathy. Prince always acts even when he is breathing to. Adarsh once Dhanraj is in his team in the task he didn’t allow Dhanraj to get down then how can Balaji will leave the task. If he play task he is perfect and if others they are manipulating. Big boss 1st show them what is manipulating and then tell them to show the manipulater expect Balaji everyone will be in that race. Nothing to speak about Karthika because she will be always jumping to other party at her availability. Deeksha waste contestant. Dhanraj hats off to his action. How could he play double game all the time. Navdeep his play shows direction of bigboss how he directed I think Navdeep is sent as an observer not as contestant.

  4. …Injustice done to kathi Karthik….she didn’t play any game in the house.She behaved and was how we are at are house..very straight forwarded which every one should be in today’s world and at the time of nominations she had her reasons for the persons who she elected for eliminations which she did not depend on others .Rest every one does without no reason

  5. Hi Telugu Big Boss,

    Why r u targeting Hariteja…why r u trying to supress her,if u guts tell to all the percentage of votes each candidate in elimination got,not just the number of votes.

    Lots of people believe,u people r just saving the exposing lady of the show,u know who she is,we want to tell again and again,we need honest judgement and am sure that body exposing is being favoured by Big boss…we r banning this show,as it is purely favouritism and not the audience poll at all.

    Audience do need entertainment but not exposing,we ladies r really shamed to see a telugu girl wearing such a vulgar dresses . So far we r happy to another telugu girl exhibiting her mind skills but not exposing,but todays episode we understand that u want to take that telugu exposing girl to final at the cost of perfect player Hariteja.

    Hariteja is symbolising our Andhra culture and Karthika is symbolising Telengana culture,we feel very respectful the way these ladies r fighting in the game depending on their mental skill set and not on their dirty exposing.

    We r very hurt when karthika,a true player got eliminated,dont repeat the scene for Hari to save that exposing girl,we r ashamed to think that she is from our state,we r sorry to see her as Sita in Picture,a nagging and exposing girl can never never never get support from audience.

    We just lost interest on the way NTR behaved with Hariteja today,she is not cheater,thief,exposer like that ur hot girl.

    If u r pampering and saving that hot exposing girl,again again …we can say Big Boss 1is a flap show and waste of audience time,no value to audience judgement.

    Already we got bored with NTR ,who wont give any value addition and today its damn boring…


  6. Please eliminate archana she is unfit for bigg boss house

    • S correct in this big boss house archana Hari teja was not fit in this house. The perfect player is AADHARSH I think so but I will not vote for anyone it’s depends on all telugu audience one more think bigg boss prince was eliminated he told that because of aadharsh he have got elimination. But that reason is not aadharsh it’s fake reason bigg boss. Hari and archana was manipulaters so pls bigg boss see previous episodes take decision positive winer bigg boss thanks to giving such opportunity to convey our msges once again thank you bigg boss

      • Don’t blindly say things. Prince got eliminated because of aadarsh voted deeksha to become captain. What I think is you have no logical thinking ability that’s why you are saying aadarsh is perfect player. Please don’t see bigger boss if u can’t analyze what’s going on

  7. Bigg boss game was influencing by others
    Please stop
    Archana words are nt real she is acting
    Archana please weare proper dress dont expose it is a show nt a flim

  8. Plz Bigboss, we didn’t like Princy going out of this show which is not fair. He plays a very balanced game. Bring him back to bigboss house and send Haritheja out of the show as she is playing a very cunning game. If you observe at first she targeted to Archana for her personal reasons and after that she started to target Nava Deep with unfair reason. She is Double faced girl. Balaji plz take care of your own game.

  9. Hari Theja should be eliminated this week,the most cunning girl who steps everyone to escape from eliminations.
    Without shiva balaji she can’t even win a small task.only one thing which is saving her is her songs,by making that as positive she is singing unnecessarily even when it is not needed.

  10. Hari Theja should be eliminated this week,the most cunning girl who steps everyone to escape from eliminations.
    Without shiva balaji she can’t even win a small task.only one thing which is saving her is her songs,by making that as positive she is singing unnecessarily even when it is not needed.

  11. Deksha ne eliminate chyandi Bigg boss deksha worst.archana perfect Bigg boss anduku ante Frank ga unaru. hari teja over action chstundi.navadeep brond mind tho unaru.plz eliminate deksha Bigg boss

  12. I really want to explain abt housemates …each and every one…plz forgive me if I have any grammatical mistakes….I really like three people in bigboss Siva Balaji,deeksha, and Adarsh why bcoz I will tell u d reason in detail way…Siva Balaji is genuine (angry young man) ikada hariteja Baga vadesukuntuna teliviga thana safe side lo Thanu vunadu..Archana ki asalu game thelusa yepudu Deeksha Ni Godava pettukovali thakuva cheyalani chusthundi thanaki negatives cheppi pakkanolla negatives cheppukuntene Archana happy ledante pichekki pothundhi Archana papa ki…navadeep vunadu psychology Baga thelusu game thelusu kurchoni nuvve Anni matladesi yevadu weak yevadu strong ani bigboss yenduku voting yenduku task lu kaadhu bigboss ante manushulaki value ivvu vedava comment lu ammaei ani kuda lekunda..inka main candidate Hari Teja asalu Thanu yemanukuntundhi house mates Ni kaadhu,cameras ne kaadhu,NTR ne kaadhu bigboss Ni kuda thana control lo pettukovali anukune type …janalu verri mohala thalli …..nenu cheppedhi okate vallaki game kaadhu cash money important ..but Siva Balaji,Deeksha normal ga deal chesthunaru Deeksha Ni centre chesi avamanisthunaru..thanaki confusion kaadhu Andaru kalisi pedha norlu vesukuni Mari confuse chesthunaru…intha yenduku chepthunanu ante oka ammaei Ni insult chesi nuvu waste waste ani antuna Thanu kopadakunda ,avesapadakunda calm ga vuntundhi..plz genuine ga voting cheyandi Siva Balaji ,Deeksha final lo vunte I’m really happy ….bigboss anedhi meelo yevaru koteeswarudu programme kaadhu not depend on intelligence …it’s depend on human behaviour…plz save Deeksha ..thank u all

    • plss plss plss plsss eliminate Deeksha..Such a stupid she is. Please eliminate her she is very cunning she always try to pull archana , archana stood up when everyone cornered her ,everyone nominated her , she cried a lot but again stood up and became friends with them , but this cunning deeksha she dont even know how to play single task. why these many days she is in . Nothing she knows only complaining. coming in front of some camera and she tries to defence herself in every worst thing every time pleases for votes. do she think audience are not watching her performance. Only one week they nominated her for that whole week she came infront of cameras and scolds every one, purely stupidity..plssssssss eliminate her. Sagam daridram vadilipoddi big boss house ki.

  13. Final fight “”hari ,siva ,navdeep lo itu dhee””, i think bigg boss winner hari or navdeep anukunta, ”’archana and diksha waste in bigg boss house”…..

  14. 5 members {Archana/ HariTeja / Navadeep/ Adarsh /Siva Balaji } are targeting 1person {Deeksha } it’s not correct
    Why are they all targeting Deeksha
    And teasing her very very wrong

  15. Big boss i want to know why you wer’e eliminated prince.
    He is balancing the game and playing well.
    Kalpana,prince and dhanraj wer’e awesome players and archana,adarsh wer’e unfit to big boss show.
    Pls pls eliminate archana immediately,she was acting as innocent but always targeting deeksha and always she wants to fight with deeksha.for silly reasons.
    This is not fair to eliminate to prince and kalpana.pls pls eliminate archana.
    And i’m wishing balaji and hariteja all the best for finals..

  16. please Eliminate archana, diksha and hariteja. Archana acts innocent just to gain sympathy. Diksha argues a lot especially for that simple chilly thing. She is too childish. Hariteja is a manipulator she acts good some times but too much of action. She is not genuine.

  17. please Eliminate archana, diksha and hariteja. Archana acts innocent just to gain sympathy. Diksha argues a lot especially for that simple chilly thing. She is too childish. Hariteja is a manipulator she acts good some times but too much of action. She is not genuine.

  18. Please eliminate archana nd haritheja stupid fellows both. Veellaki game aadali,itharulani vaadukovalane chustunnaru . We are hate archana , haritheja . Oka house lo vunde lakshanalu em levu. Plzz repati eliminations lo veelliddarini thiseyandii.

  19. Eliminate archana …. as she is main reason why fightings are happening. She is not able to adjust. Making deeksha bad. Before also she did same things with Madhu Priya. They ( deesha and Madhu Priya ) are small according to age. They don’t know much strategies… they don’t know how to face archana.

  20. Pls save deeksha.if posdible this wrrk double damaka pls eliminate jariteja and archana…bcz deeksha always henuine and stright forward.always she go and say sorry if she didnt do anything 62 episode archana and hariteja cunning ness cameout…those people are not humans…manipulated minds…

  21. Why don’t big boss eliminating archana? She is been saved from 3 weeks I guess. There should be something wrong that big boss don’t need to eliminate her. I was hoping archana will be eliminated rather than prince.

  22. My vote is for Adarsh.Just i want to tell you big boss… Hari Teja And Archana both are cunning.They are taking too much about deeksha,we agree about Deeksha is week content but they discussing about her front and back differently,why?this is not humanity.she is always saying sorry to these guys when she fight with them but these both are too bad.

  23. Hari Teja really nice player and very knowledgefull lady.
    Extrordinary skilled lady, and awesome women.overall she is the winner.
    I hope Hari Teja You are a winner.All the best.

  24. Adarsh is fair…Siva balaji was good initially but got dwindled away by that stupids hari teja and archana nowadays.. Siva balaji changed now..adarsh should be the winner

  25. Archan and hari teja both r not good,achan waste in big boss show lo,, archan and hari teja are kanni people.Archan yepudu dishka to godava padutundi, but dishka is correct. adrasha is really very good player and nice guy.I want adrash must win big boss seaon one.wish u all good luck adrash garu u must win da game and I pray God for u.

  26. Idi exam kaadu . Prathi vyakthi daggAra kachitanga edo oka skill vuntadi. Adi sandarbanni batti itharulaku badha kaliginchinda vundali. Over action fellows archana nd haritheja . Aadarsh is winner. Assalu haritheja ni chuste chala pogaru anipistundi. Ilanti vaallu vunte inkokari skills evi kuda kanapadavu. Nd intlo ayithe assalu vunda kudadhu . Nd ivala episode bagundi nd baga thelisi poindi vaallaki anni videos ni prekshakulu chusarani, nd haritheja antundi kadaa prathi mula chupincharani.

  27. please dont elimilte hariteja and hariteja you are the winner all the best

    hariteja you are really good at making others laugh and you sing really nice

  28. Adharsh you deserves to win the show. All the best adharsh. You already won millions of heart that’s the real success. You are the winner.

  29. Hi Big boss,
    Hello Navadeep,
    How r u? U r very confident person, good encouragement. Play well win Big boss finale. U r strong person in Big boss.

    All the best navadeep.

  30. I think NAVDEEP is a very cool & balanced guy and is also very entertaining. He is emotionally very cool and doesn’t have ups and downs like others, whereas all the others are emotionally very imbalanced. A leader should have a very a high emotional quotient and should be emotionally very strong to lead from the front.
    Also, all the others; Siva Balaji, Hari Teja, Adarsh and Archana had some or the other disputes with others, whereas Navdeep had no issues with anybody till date.
    I believe, NAVDEEP has got all the qualities to lead the pack and be the Title winner of BIGG BOSS season-1.

  31. Enty hariteja manipulating antunaru this is not fair endukante game unnavalanta chinnapillalu kadu Valleki ani Telusu. Idi kavalani gamelo Vallaki and audience divort cheyadaniki bigboss game plan so vote for hariteja who is entertaining not overaction

  32. Big boss final winner shiva balaji because he is cool and problem salve ,and nice human being when ever the room ments hungry he is cooking like a mother he played every game very well 2times captain starting day to till he is cooking for all the room ments generally people not have a food that person can,t play well stay well that’s y shiva 200 percent eligible to big final winner plsssssssss shiva win jai Durgamatha


  34. One of the best player in bigg boss house adarsh ,people’s are blindly voted other person’s ,plz vote for adarsh he will winn finals


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