Punjab 2017 State Election Opinion Poll Results


opinion-pollThe Punjab State assembly elections of 2017 are approaching. The talks and predictions regarding elections and its results are being the topic of discussion among the public as well as at the media. Here are some published opinion poll results from surveys conducted by different news channels about the coming Punjab State assembly elections. Let’s have a look at those opinion poll results.

Results of India-today-Axis Opinion poll on Punjab State elections 2017

 Party  Seats Share
 Congress  49-55
 AAP  42-46
 BJP+SAD  17-21
 Other  3-7

This was published on 13th October 2016. The opinion poll survey results indicate that Congress will win 49-55 seats and the runner up will be AAP(Aam Aadmi Party)which is likely to get 42-46 seats. It also says that BJP-SAD alliance which is the current ruling party will only get 17-21 seats.

Results of VDPAssociates’ opinion poll on Punjab State election 2017

 Party  Seats Share (October 2016)
 Congress  93
 AAP  15
 Other  3

The results of opinion poll survey conducted by VDPAssociates say that AAP will win 93 seats with 43% vote share. As per their poll results the congress will have 15 seats and the NDA will have 6 seats.

Results of India Trending Now opinion poll on Punjab State election 2017

 Party  Seat Projection (August 2016)
 SAD-BJP  9-14
 INC  16-20
 AAP  85-89

As per the results of opinion poll surveys by India Trending now, the AAP party will win about 85-89 seats out of 117 seats. The results indicate that congress will have 16-20 seats and BJP-SAD alliance will win only 9-14 seats.

Results of TV24 opinion poll on Punjab Assembly election 2017

Here is the result as per the opinion poll survey of TV24

Party  Seat Projection (August 2016)
 SAD-BJP  20-25
 INC  27-35
 AAP  70-80

Results of HuffPost-C Voter opinion poll on Punjab State election 2017

 Party/Alliance  Seat Projection (March 2016)
 AAP  94-100
 INC  (8-14)
 SAD+BJP  (6-12)
 Others  0-3
 Total  117

The HuffPost-C Voter opinion poll survey result says that AAP will come up with an emphatic win winning 94-100 seats out of total 117 seats. The result says INC(Indian national Congress )can only win 8-14 seats. The BJP-SAD alliance is expected to win 6-12 seats. Here is their poll survey result tabulated.

All the above Opinion Poll survey suggests that AAP will be a crucial contestant in Punjab State Assembly elections of 2017.


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