FIFA World Cup 2018 Quarter-Finals Teams and Schedule/Fixtures


The world cup grounds have already proved a countless number of times that here anything can happen anytime and there is not much room for assured predictions here. Now the quarterfinals are on its way and the pulse beats of fans for their team are becoming more and more intense with time. We have seen a record number of viewers watching FIFA World Cup live online and on Television.

In world cup it’s always like that, teams that come up with low expectation may be the ones reaching quarters or semi-finals. There are also instances of teams predicted as sure winners crumble at the very first round matches.

Quarterfinal Teams

Take a look the teams that have qualified for the World cup 2018 quarterfinals.


France reached the quarterfinals with a whopping victory over Argentina for score 4-3.


Uruguay reached the quarterfinals beating the Ronaldo squad(Portugal) for 2-1.


Brazil made an easy navigation to the quarterfinals beating Mexico for 2-0.


England made it to the quarterfinals beating Columbia in the penalty shootout.


Belgium-Japan match was one of the most exciting matches of world cup 2018. Beating Japan for 3-2, Belgium entered into the quarterfinals.


The tiebreaker saved Russia in its match against Spain, the former world champions. This made their entry into the quarterfinals through pre-quarters.


The tiebreaker was also the reason for Croatia’s entry to the quarterfinals and Denmark’s return ticket from world cup 2018.


It was Sweden versus Switzerland in the pre-quarterfinals. Sweden had an easy win over Switzerland and made it to the quarterfinals.


Here are the complete schedule and fixture of world cup 2018 quarterfinals.

Matches Time (ET) Date
France vs. Uruguay 10 a.m 6th July 2018
Brazil vs. Belgium 2 p.m 6th July 2018
Sweden vs. England 10 a.m 7th July 2018
Russia vs. Croatia 2 p.m 7th July 2018

There are four matches in the quarters which will be held on two days- 6th and 7th of July. The first two matches in the quarter are on 6th of July, 2018. The first day matches are France versus Uruguay and Brazil versus Belgium.

On the next day i.e on 7th July 2018,  Sweden versus England and Russia versus Croatia matches will be held.


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