Why my Facebook account is suspended and How to avoid it?


Suspending a Facebook account is not very uncommon. Facebook suspends too many accounts daily. facebook suspend accounts if it finds something suspects in the behavior of its users. Some activities are not allowed in facebook and considered as spam or phishing by Facebook.

If you perform or indulge in such activities even if accidentally, they are going to temporarily suspend your account and ask for all types of verification procedures to make sure you are a legitimate user and not a bot.

Remember it’s not the end

One important thing to note is that suspending your account does not mean you are not going to get your account back. Facebook will restore your account as soon as the details you provided appear legitimate to them.

Why my facebook account is blocked: Possible Reasons?

Facebook may suspend your account if it finds you:

  • Using a plug-in, application or a pre-programmed bot to post in groups
  • Joining in multiple Facebook groups all at once
  • Adding too many unknown people as friends in a day
  • Creating unusual amounts of pages in a day
  • Posting exactly same comments in more than three or more posts or pages.
  • Logging into more than one Facebook account from the same device frequently (only if frequently).

Facebook may also block your account if someone reports your profile.

Methods to avoid suspension of your Facebook account?

Here are some precautions to take for not getting suspended/blocked.

Leave your newly created account free for at least a week

Suppose If you have created a new facebook account today, don’t resort to any activities like adding friends or creating pages with your account immediately. Leave your Facebook account free for at least a week

Don’t keep too many unknown people as friends

This is because if Facebook suspects your account is spam, it will sometimes show you images of your added friends and asks for you to identify them. If you can’t, then there is a chance of your account being suspended.

Don’t join in too many facebook groups too fast

If being more specific, it is not safe to join in more than 4 groups a day.

Don’t create too many facebook pages in a day

If you already created 3 Facebook pages this week, stop there. It is not very safe to create more than 3 pages a week.

Don’t post comments like crazy

There are people who try to market things by spamming comments of Facebook posts. Never do this. Never copy-paste text and put it as comments, in all the facebook posts you see.

It’s not safe logging into more than one Facebook account frequently from the same device

Facebook never suspends your account immediately if someone other than you logged into their Facebook account from your device. Facebook, but may suspect one of your accounts as spam if you are “frequently” logging into more than one account from the same device. And what it means by “frequently” is logging into multiple accounts more than 3 or 4 times a day.

Remember all the above-mentioned facts, if you are a legitimate Facebook user who values your Facebook account and wishes to keep your Facebook account totally safe.


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