Happy Deepavali 2018 Images, Pictures, Wallpapers, and Photos Collection


We have collected the best Happy Diwali images in HD and free to use in 2018. With Diwali coming around, there might be already a fuzz and buzz in every corner of India. And the citizens must already be groping for the Diwali images or Happy Diwali images to find ways to wish their near and dear ones.

In India Diwali isn’t just a festival, it’s an emotion that people celebrate to share love and happiness with each other. Indians, especially the kids eagerly wait for this occasion, as this is the time they meet their friends, relatives, share gifts and sweets and above all have fun burning the crackers. Burning crackers, lighting diyas, and lamps remain the favorite part of this festival for kids as well as elders.

This day the entire nation seems to get into the frenzy of festivity, which is reflected by the dazzling diyas, lamps, and candles. It feels like the stars have come down to enlighten and brighten lives. Have a look at these Diwali images, as they portray the essence of this festival of lights.

Happy Diwali 2018 Images

Here are few Diwali images and Happy Diwali images that will let you express your feelings and wishes on this beautiful occasion to your loved ones. So, go on to find the best one, or the one you find more expressive as well as impressive.

Best Diwali Pictures and Photos

On this day, there is no sign of darkness, as people decorate their houses, offices, and streets with colorful lights and lamps. And this is the time when the markets are decorated with hanging lights, lamps and other decorative items that attract a large number of shopaholics.

With the changing time and trends, people create different decorative items, and the lantern called as Aakash Kandlis are the most common and trending ones for this Diwali occasion.

So, if you are excited too, for this occasion of lights, then you must already be planning for gifts, sweets, dresses, and decoration for your friends, relatives, and family or guest who show up on occasion. And what about the dear ones who can’t show up? Or live abroad? All you can do for them is sending your wishes. So, this Diwali sends your dear ones beautiful and gracious wishes in the form of images.

Diwali images

Happy Diwali Wallpapers HD

The diyas and candles are the most significant part of this festival of lights. These add to the embellished spice of the decoration of Diwali celebration. Diwali as per the Hindu mythology is the day of the return of Lord Rama to his hometown called Ayodhya after defeating the demon Ravana.

Lord Rama’s return led to the celebration of Diwali, the residents of Ayodhya celebrated this occasion by lighting diyas and by burning crackers, and now this is followed as a tradition till today.


On the whole, the innovative ways and designs to wish your friends and relatives is what you seek at the end of the day. So, bearing in mind your requirements to wish your near and dear ones, we provided you these Diwali images and Happy Diwali images, that can let you stand out and wish them in an impressive way.


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